My Trip to British Colombia

Today for my Blog I am going to talk about my trip to British Colombia.

To get to British Columbia me, my mom, and my sister Callie went by plane. It tock 2 hours and 30 min to get there. We left Winnipeg, Manitoba at 10:00 clock at night. Then we finally arrived in Beautiful British Colombia at 10:00, because it is 2 hours behind. When we got there my dad picked us up from the Airport. By the time we got to my Dad’s Apartment/ Hotel it was 12:00. While we were there we went to my Great grandma’s house, and my Grandpa Wayne’s. a fu days later, we went on a road trip through the mountains, to a town called Squamish. 1 hour on the road we stopped the truck and went on a Gondola. It was so fun, but at the same time it was Really scary. We went over big mountains. On the other side of the Gondola was a restaurant and a hiking trail. We went on the trail, it tock 1 to get back to the restaurant. Then we had a drink, and my dad got a sweater for me and Callie. One week later me, my mom, dad, grandpa Wayne, grandma Bety, and Callie, All went to my cousins house for Thanksgiving. It was a 3 hour drive. we were there for 3 days. it was so fun to get back to my grandma Bety’s it tock 4 hours, because the traffic was bad. The rest of the time we were there we saw the house my dad grew up in, went to a beautiful river, went to a Aquarium. Then are trip was over. we were there for 2 weeks. it was so fun, and the Mountains were beautiful.

Amber Marshall

Hello my Name is Klaya, And I will be doing my blog on a Canadian Actor named Amber Marshall.

Amber Marshall is born on June 2 1988, in London, Ontario, Canada. (34 years old). In 2006 she moved to Alberta ,Canada.

On July 27 2013 Amber got Married to a photographer named Shawn Turner. they live on a 100 acer ranch in Alberta. On there ranch they have Horses, Cows, Rabbits, Dogs, Chickens, Ducks, And an Alpaca.

Amber Marshall has been in these Movies

Love in Harmony Valley, A Heartland Christmas, The Elizabeth Smart Story, Heartland, Travel plans, And lots more. Ambers Net Worth is $3 Million dollars. Amber Marshall is a Business owner, Actor, Singer, And a Equestrian.

On July, 30 2022, Amber opened her very own store! It is called Marshalls Country Store.

I hope you liked my blog presentation.