My Life

Hello my name is Klaya Anne Dalkeith, and for this Blog o will be talking about my life.


I was born on May 19th 2010, in Winnipeg Manitoba in the Saint Boniface hospital. When I was younger I didn’t have any siblings so I was always bored so I played Barbie’s with my mom and played outside all the time. And I would have my friend Mason Bardason over a bit.

Family: My moms name is Jillian, My dads name is Dale, and my sister is Callie. We also have 15 hens and 7 roosters. a duck, Two gouts named Dolly and Sandy. One dog named Leo. And 10 cats named Penut, Kit Kat, Pistachio, Caramel, Marty, Maggie, Spookey, Pickles, Chibi, and Bandit.

Sports I do:

I have three all time favourite sports, it is Hockey, Horseback riding, and curling. I also play basketball, running, badminton, and school track. I have played hockey for 7 years, I was always on the boys team, then I had to stop playing because of Covid 19. But o am hoping to get back into it next winter. I also like horseback riding, I have grown up with horses most of my life. My mom owned 2 horses named Smoky and Joker, but we had to sell Joker because the hay was to expensive. Then a few months later Smoky died from old age. But I take riding lessons on Mondays.

That is the end for this blog I hoped you liked it.😀

My Dog Leo

For this weeks Blog I am doing it on all about my Dog Leo.


Leo is a Bichon Frise with Shih Tzu he is very playful and loves kids, he is protective when he thinks something is wrong, but is very loving.

Age and hobbies:

Leo loves going for car rides, playing fetch, running around the yard, going for snowmobile rides, and sleeping by the warm fire. and he likes sleeping and playing with are cats. his best cat friend is named Marty.

Height and weight:

His height is 12 inches and his weight is 29 pounds


Leo is already 3 years old, he was born on April, 27 2019. in Winnipeg, Manitoba

That is the end of this blog I hoped you liked it!\

My Trip to British Colombia

Today for my Blog I am going to talk about my trip to British Colombia.

To get to British Columbia me, my mom, and my sister Callie went by plane. It tock 2 hours and 30 min to get there. We left Winnipeg, Manitoba at 10:00 clock at night. Then we finally arrived in Beautiful British Colombia at 10:00, because it is 2 hours behind. When we got there my dad picked us up from the Airport. By the time we got to my Dad’s Apartment/ Hotel it was 12:00. While we were there we went to my Great grandma’s house, and my Grandpa Wayne’s. a fu days later, we went on a road trip through the mountains, to a town called Squamish. 1 hour on the road we stopped the truck and went on a Gondola. It was so fun, but at the same time it was Really scary. We went over big mountains. On the other side of the Gondola was a restaurant and a hiking trail. We went on the trail, it tock 1 to get back to the restaurant. Then we had a drink, and my dad got a sweater for me and Callie. One week later me, my mom, dad, grandpa Wayne, grandma Bety, and Callie, All went to my cousins house for Thanksgiving. It was a 3 hour drive. we were there for 3 days. it was so fun to get back to my grandma Bety’s it tock 4 hours, because the traffic was bad. The rest of the time we were there we saw the house my dad grew up in, went to a beautiful river, went to a Aquarium. Then are trip was over. we were there for 2 weeks. it was so fun, and the Mountains were beautiful.

Amber Marshall

Hello my Name is Klaya, And I will be doing my blog on a Canadian Actor named Amber Marshall.

Amber Marshall is born on June 2 1988, in London, Ontario, Canada. (34 years old). In 2006 she moved to Alberta ,Canada.

On July 27 2013 Amber got Married to a photographer named Shawn Turner. they live on a 100 acer ranch in Alberta. On there ranch they have Horses, Cows, Rabbits, Dogs, Chickens, Ducks, And an Alpaca.

Amber Marshall has been in these Movies

Love in Harmony Valley, A Heartland Christmas, The Elizabeth Smart Story, Heartland, Travel plans, And lots more. Ambers Net Worth is $3 Million dollars. Amber Marshall is a Business owner, Actor, Singer, And a Equestrian.

On July, 30 2022, Amber opened her very own store! It is called Marshalls Country Store.

I hope you liked my blog presentation.